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St. Patrick Youth Center – Ayuso Architecture

This was more of an infrastructure refresh but new lighting and a ceiling system updated its usability while maintaining the great look of the space. Interestingly, while the space is used for after-school programs and the occasional wedding, it’s highest value is as a support space for filming in downtown Manhattan because it’s one of the largest clear spans available for hire. Accordingly, Agustin added a massive amount of electrical capacity to support all of the electrical needs for a TV or movie production.

Ayuso Architecture - Old St Patrick's Youth Center Ayuso Architecture - Old St Patrick's Youth Center Ayuso Architecture - Old St Patrick's Youth Center Ayuso Architecture - Old St Patrick's Youth Center

Architectural Photography for architect Agustin Ayuso (Ayuso Architecture)

Nepal’s Patan Durbar Square Earthquake Damage

Hopefully the last of the extreme seismic activity has ended in Nepal because the toll has been extreme, both to human life and to the nation’s heritage. I already revisited my photographs from a trip there (in 2008) on my Facebook page just as a reminder of happier times. I also wanted to revisit a panorama I shot of Patan’s Durbar Square to see exactly how much of the UNESCO World Heritage Site was damaged. Durbar Squares are the central plazas that were outside the royal palaces and, since Kathmandu used to be three separate kingdoms, it now has three Durbar Squares. It seems that Patan’s fared the best although, as best as I can piece it together, it lost two temples and had a statue knocked off its pedestal. Click the images below to see slightly larger versions or this link to get an image twice again as large (though still 1/10th the full resolution) so you can really see the detail. The detail is spectacular and I’m heartened to see that every effort is being made to salvage as much as possible and plans are already under way to rebuild.

Fiery Sunset over Park Avenue West (TMT Development)

We had another fiery sunset last night, although it was isolated to the NW horizon by clouds. After a slight detour to the waterfront on my way home I was able to frame the construction of Park Avenue West (TMT Development) – the building going up next to Director Park – in its surreal pink glow.

1859 Oregon’s Magazine – DRW Design Build – Cable Hill House

DRW Design Build
‘s Cable Hill House here in Portland finally got the write-up it deserved with an article in 1859 (Oregon’s Magazine). This was a renovation of a house in the SW foothills but with all the work that was done it might as well have been ground up construction. DRW’s attention to detail along with the skill of their in-house and partner millworkers really made this project sing.


Architectural Photography for DRW Design Build architects

Ayuso Architecture – Murray Hill Apartment

Here are some photographs of an apartment renovation by Ayuso Architecture on Park Avenue in New York City.  It’s amazing what a difference a few strategic interventions can make in sprucing up an apartment.

Architectural Photography for architect Agustin Ayuso (Ayuso Architecture)

“Urban Light,” by Chris Burden at LACMA

I’m saddened to find out about Chris Burden, the artist of this amazing piece at LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art), through news of his passing. Gizmodo seems to have the best compilation of his work if you want to see more – http://gizmodo.com/rip-chris-burden-the-artist-who-made-public-art-truly-1703645620 .  I particularly enjoyed his Metropolis II as well as the series of commercials he put together during the ’70’s.

"Urban Light," by Chris Burden at LACMA

"Urban Light," by Chris Burden at LACMA

#UrbanLight #ChrisBurden #LA

Story Vignettes

Jade – 1 year old

Jade just recently turned one and, man, is she adorable!  We got to play a bit at Esther Short Park in downtown Vancouver and she had a blast – playground, Mom & Dad and a water fountain – perfection for a one-year-old on a 90-degree day.  Just look at those dimples. THOSE DIMPLES!!!


Holly Andres – CreativeMornings Portland – March 2014

This month’s speaker at CreativeMornings Portland was photographer Holly Andres.  Holly constructs her compositions as a painter does a canvas, often investing scenes with personal, sometimes traumatic, recollections of her own childhood as well as the oft-recurring theme of girls bridging the divide between youth and adulthood.