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Cultural Photography

Hopefully the last of the extreme seismic activity has ended in Nepal because the toll has been extreme, both to human life and to the nation’s heritage. I already revisited my photographs from a trip there (in 2008) on my Facebook page just as a reminder of happier times. I also wanted to revisit a […]

I’m saddened to find out about Chris Burden, the artist of this amazing piece at LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art), through news of his passing. Gizmodo seems to have the best compilation of his work if you want to see more – http://gizmodo.com/rip-chris-burden-the-artist-who-made-public-art-truly-1703645620 .  I particularly enjoyed his Metropolis II as well as […]

This month’s speaker at CreativeMornings Portland was photographer Holly Andres.  Holly constructs her compositions as a painter does a canvas, often investing scenes with personal, sometimes traumatic, recollections of her own childhood as well as the oft-recurring theme of girls bridging the divide between youth and adulthood.

I never thought my first book cover would be on a South Korean book but the circumstances just worked out that way.  I photographed Chris Guillebeau when he spoke at CreativeMornings Portland and the Korean publishers of his book, The $100 Startup, took to this image, about which I couldn’t be happier.    

These are the highlights from a cross country road trip hitting Glacier, Yellowstone, Grand Teton and Great Smoky Mountains National Parks.

This month’s speaker at Portland/CreativeMornings was Andi Zeisler, the co-founder and editorial/creative director of Bitch Media.

This month’s speaker at CreativeMornings Portland was G Cody QJ Goldberg, Executive Director of Harper’s Playground, the first totally inclusive playground in Portland, OR.

I was recently down at Stanford University and had to make a short detour to check out the Frank Lloyd Wright designed house on campus.  Unfortunately, tours are booked up months in advance so I couldn’t see the interior but the view from the road is no less impressive.  As with almost all of Wright’s […]

Matt Spiro, the regular photographer for CreativeMornings here in Portland, was unavailable this month so I offered to fill in for him.  If you’re not familiar with CreativeMornings, it is “a free, monthly breakfast lecture series for creative types.”  I’ve been to a few now and it’s a really amazing resource to hear a quick […]

Portland’s cherry blossoms in Tom McCall Waterfront Park, right next to the Willamette River, are a rite of Spring here, a prelude of the beauty to come from an Oregon Summer. I managed to catch these last week during a rare break from the omnipresent Spring rains. We’ve had some unusually heavy showers since then […]


A bunch of friends have gotten together and formed our own “dinner club,” of sorts.  I put dinner club in quotes because ours is a much looser interpretation than my dinner clubs of past, with many more guests and usually much less formality.  Since the Academy Awards were this past weekend, though, we decided to […]

Skiing is one of my favorite activities on earth and I had the good fortune of stumbling into a program about five years ago that lets me share that passion with people who might not otherwise be able to partake. It’s called adaptive skiing, which is a catch-all phrase for all of the equipment and […]

Here’s a quick review of my favorite photographs from 2011. Compiling the list made me realize that my archive, at some point this year, crossed the 100,000 exposure threshold. Henri Cartier-Bresson famously said, “Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst” and I can certainly attest to that. I’d say that the digital corollary extends that […]

Merry Christmas from these thug Santas to you and yours!  I hope the big guy was good to you and that you’re getting to spend the day with those you love. Ho, ho, ho, Scott

Photos from yesterday’s Santacon madness in downtown Portland, Oregon. On the Max from Rock Bottom Brewery to Jeld-Wen Field/ PGE Park: Walking to Kingston Bar & Grill: Headed to The Matador: Switching Santacon’s to Blitz Pearl: And off to Dante’s: And a final shot (right) outside of Kelly’s Olympian:

Well the rain seems to have settled on Portland for the Fall/ Winter so lets take a look back to sunnier, happier times. Here are the best of my photographs from the Portland Rose Festival Grand Floral Parade back in June.

MarchFourth Marching Band gave a free concert in downtown Portland yesterday. They warmed up in Unico Plaza (SW 6th & Oak), where they played for half an hour and then marched south on 6th Avenue, picking people up along the way. The faces of all of the office workers who stood by gawking at the […]

Sorry for being so quiet recently. My computer went down last Monday and it was finally time to shell out for a new one. I’m just getting back up to speed but, fortunately, this new one is at least twice as fast as the old one so image editing is no longer the chore it […]

There’s not much to say that these photos aren’t already saying so I’ll just point out that these photographs are from Portland’s Pride Parade earlier this Summer. The one thing that is clear is that the LGBTQ community sure knows how to throw a party!

Here are a couple of photographs from the Tigard Festival of Balloons earlier in the Summer. Those of you who know me know that I’m not an early bird but sometimes you just have to drag yourself out of bed to get these shots. The sight of the brightly colored balloons backlit by the just-rising […]

It’s Friday so I figured it was a perfect time to feature some Portland zaniness from last weekend. Out at Mt. Tabor they held the annual PDX Adult Soapbox Derby, one of those only-in-Portland events. Participants range from serious aerodynamic wonders to fantastical costumes on wheels. The cases and cases of PBR, split equally between […]

These are the best of my photographs from the 2011 Portland Twilight Criterium, a race that takes place in the park blocks of downtown Portland each year. You can’t imagine the thrill of having a mass of steel and flesh, well carbon fiber, titanium and flesh, barreling at you at 30+ miles an hour. Because […]

As I talked about over the weekend, this time last year I was in the Basque Country to photograph Elizabeth & Ryan’s Wedding. I don’t get the opportunity for such an amazing trip very often so I made the most of it and rearranged my schedule to spend the next two and a half weeks […]