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Hummingbird Wholesale – Nir Pearlson – Scouting Shots

I was back in Eugene last weekend to see my Sister and Brother-in-law over the Easter weekend so I took the chance to drop in on my old boss, Nir Pearlson, to say hello and to see how he and my former co-worker, Roger, were doing. I knew things were going well because on several occasions Nir’s tried to lure me back in. I would, too , if it didn’t mean moving back to Eugene so I keep trying to convince him to open a Portland office. Anyway, he told me about a project that they had recently wrapped up for Hummingbird Wholesale and suggested I check it out. While we’re starting to get a few sunny days in the Northwest, the day I was there was anything but so we figured we’d put off a real shoot for a few more weeks. It’s amazing, though, what modern software is able to eek out of snapshots from a day with terrible light. I look forward to getting to go back and do justice to Nir’s design.