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Murphy Bed Construction Details

I just got an e-mail (thanks Susy) asking me for some details about the Murphy Bed and Shelving Unit that I recently added to my Constructed Design Portfolio. I was going to just e-mail her back but figured it would be smarter to answer here on the blog so that others can benefit from the information. I ended up buying a hardware kit from Create-A-Bed and modified their construction plans to suit the design that I wanted. I would be happy to share the drawings that I made although, seeing as they’re based on Create-A-Bed’s design, there are probably some copyright issues. If you end up purchasing their hardware kit (which runs $300), and can send me proof of your purchase, I’ll share what I have. Better yet, if you want to convince the people at Create-A-Bed to let me share the drawings here, that would be even better.

As for the wood and finish, the wood is cherry, primarily veneered plywood with a mix of veneer edge banding and solid cherry trim to finish the unfinished edges. The construction is traditional (?) 3/4″ plywood carcass cabinet construction with 1/4″ plywood shear panels for the backs.  The front edge is finished with 1″x2″ solid cherry trim pieces.  To save some time, and because I haven’t made many, I ordered custom drawer carcasses from The Drawer Depot.  I love doing everything myself but, in this case, and particularly with the hanging files, I’m glad that I did.

For the finish I used Woodcraft‘s Raw Linseed Oil (unfortunately, I’m not finding it on their website but it’s always in their store. It’s Woodcraft’s own brand).  It’s messy, involves a lot of elbow grease to apply, and takes weeks to fully dry but it doesn’t contain any of the toxic chemicals in “boiled” linseed oil.  Fortunately, it’s beautiful, and should let the cherry’s color continue to deepen with age.  On the desk surface, I did cheat and use some Minwax Wipe-On Polyurethane (Satin) over top of the linseed oil to provide a little added protection to the work surface.

I’m not going to lie and say that it was an easy project but with a little advanced planning and some patience, any woodworker with even mid-level skills could put this all together.  Feel free to ask more questions in the comments and I’ll try to answer/ update the post accordingly.


Murphy Bed and Wall Shelving Unit

Murphy Bed and Wall Shelving Unit

Murphy Bed and Wall Shelving Unit