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Oscars Food Fight Party!

A bunch of friends have gotten together and formed our own “dinner club,” of sorts.  I put dinner club in quotes because ours is a much looser interpretation than my dinner clubs of past, with many more guests and usually much less formality.  Since the Academy Awards were this past weekend, though, we decided to flip the script and get all glammed up for the occasion.  Our plans to have faux red carpet interviews on a set we had assembled in the basement were 86’d when we broke a compact fluorescent lightbulb and had to let the mercury vapor air out.  I set up my umbrella in the back hallway and we made due with what we had. I even ventured out in front of the camera for one of the shots (Thanks, Joseph, for that one). It’s amazing that I met all of these people out on the hiking trail. They do clean up rather nicely!