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Posts Tagged ‘race’

I finally made it out to my first cyclocross race up here in Portland and my timing couldn’t have been more perfect because it happened to be the first Cross Crusade of the season, apparently the largest single-day cyclocross race in the world. I know I’ll regret it in a few weeks but I can’t […]

It’s Friday so I figured it was a perfect time to feature some Portland zaniness from last weekend. Out at Mt. Tabor they held the annual PDX Adult Soapbox Derby, one of those only-in-Portland events. Participants range from serious aerodynamic wonders to fantastical costumes on wheels. The cases and cases of PBR, split equally between […]

These are the best of my photographs from the 2011 Portland Twilight Criterium, a race that takes place in the park blocks of downtown Portland each year. You can’t imagine the thrill of having a mass of steel and flesh, well carbon fiber, titanium and flesh, barreling at you at 30+ miles an hour. Because […]

Here are the highlights of my shots from Monday night’s OBRA races out at PIR. The setting sun makes for some really dramatic lighting.