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This was more of an infrastructure refresh but new lighting and a ceiling system updated its usability while maintaining the great look of the space. Interestingly, while the space is used for after-school programs and the occasional wedding, it’s highest value is as a support space for filming in downtown Manhattan because it’s one of […]

Hopefully the last of the extreme seismic activity has ended in Nepal because the toll has been extreme, both to human life and to the nation’s heritage. I already revisited my photographs from a trip there (in 2008) on my Facebook page just as a reminder of happier times. I also wanted to revisit a […]

We had another fiery sunset last night, although it was isolated to the NW horizon by clouds. After a slight detour to the waterfront on my way home I was able to frame the construction of Park Avenue West (TMT Development) – the building going up next to Director Park – in its surreal pink […]

DRW Design Build‘s Cable Hill House here in Portland finally got the write-up it deserved with an article in 1859 (Oregon’s Magazine). This was a renovation of a house in the SW foothills but with all the work that was done it might as well have been ground up construction. DRW’s attention to detail along […]

Here are some photographs of an apartment renovation by Ayuso Architecture on Park Avenue in New York City.  It’s amazing what a difference a few strategic interventions can make in sprucing up an apartment. Architectural Photography for architect Agustin Ayuso (Ayuso Architecture)

I’m saddened to find out about Chris Burden, the artist of this amazing piece at LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art), through news of his passing. Gizmodo seems to have the best compilation of his work if you want to see more – http://gizmodo.com/rip-chris-burden-the-artist-who-made-public-art-truly-1703645620 .  I particularly enjoyed his Metropolis II as well as […]

Jade just recently turned one and, man, is she adorable!  We got to play a bit at Esther Short Park in downtown Vancouver and she had a blast – playground, Mom & Dad and a water fountain – perfection for a one-year-old on a 90-degree day.  Just look at those dimples. THOSE DIMPLES!!!

This month’s speaker at CreativeMornings Portland was photographer Holly Andres.  Holly constructs her compositions as a painter does a canvas, often investing scenes with personal, sometimes traumatic, recollections of her own childhood as well as the oft-recurring theme of girls bridging the divide between youth and adulthood.

I never thought my first book cover would be on a South Korean book but the circumstances just worked out that way.  I photographed Chris Guillebeau when he spoke at CreativeMornings Portland and the Korean publishers of his book, The $100 Startup, took to this image, about which I couldn’t be happier.    

These are the highlights from a cross country road trip hitting Glacier, Yellowstone, Grand Teton and Great Smoky Mountains National Parks.

This month’s speaker at Portland/CreativeMornings was Andi Zeisler, the co-founder and editorial/creative director of Bitch Media.

I’m embarrassed it’s taken me so long to get these photos up on the blog, especially so because they are of one of my favorite projects in Portland and the house is home to my favorite owners I’ve dealt with by far.  Seriously, when I went back to grab some nighttime photos from the street […]

How cute is this little gem?!  Jade is nine months old and is really busting out of her shell.  Just look at those dimples!

This month’s speaker at CreativeMornings Portland was G Cody QJ Goldberg, Executive Director of Harper’s Playground, the first totally inclusive playground in Portland, OR.

This is the first of three great projects coming up from drw design build. There were several small interventions in this classic West Hills home, the most significant being this entirely new kitchen.  The beautiful millwork throughout was by Skyline Fine Cabinets & Furniture.


This is the second project I got to photograph for Agustin Ayuso of Ayuso Architecture this Fall.  He ran me through all of the modifications that had to be made – I think the kitchen was swapped from one side to the other and a screened in porch was either absorbed or a previous weatherization […]

In the Fall I got to photograph two beautiful projects for Agustin Ayuso of Ayuso Architecture in the vicinity of his Bronxville, NY base.  This is the first of the two, a simple update of the master and children’s bathrooms as well as a great eating nook with a quaint view over the village with […]

Skylab Architecture had an open house for their latest project, the Taft Residence, the first built example of their HOMB modular design system.  The HOMB system is based on a series of equilateral triangles that guide both the structural elements of the building as well as the spaces themselves and it harkens back to similar […]

I’ve known Susie for ages, having done a bunch of photography for the non-profit (Committed Partners for Youth, now Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lane County) that she used to run down in Eugene.  I’ve known Jamin for nearly as long because there’s no way you can date the director of an organization without getting […]

I only got a few moments with Bodhi in front of the camera but his outsized personality showed through.  He was particularly sweet when saying goodnight to his parents, Rich and Tania, and that last shot on Mom’s shoulder made my heart melt.